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We hope to delight our customers with our products and services. We believe in building long term relationships based on mutual trust. Over the years, we have retained the original business philosophy of furnishing a high quality product at competitive prices. In addition, the company's initial goals of providing prompt delivery and furnishing service with a personal touch have been rigidly maintained. With in a short duration since inception, the company has carved a niche for itself in various segments ranging from automobiles to industrial machinery to household appliances. What was initially a private conglomerate is today a public limited company with an annual growth rate of 40%.

Over the years the company has evolved from being a pioneer ball bearing manufacturing company to a knowledge-driven integrated solutions provider, helping customers achieve sustainable and competitive advantage. Clients not only buy our products, also buy peace of mind. Manufactured and tested in hi – tech plants with zero defect products which sets to international parameters, our products are made for the long haul for various industries. This self – assurance comes from the strong infrastructure and technological capabilities, which is the strength of our bearings. From the material for the bearings to designs to the final production, every stage is a unique exercise in R&D. we also produce customized bearings. We ensure that everything is up to the specified standards.

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